Your actions represent ALL mushers. Please conduct yourself in a manner that reflects respect for private property, other persons and your dogs.

Be sure to ask permission if you are using trails or hooking up your team on private property.

KEEP IT CLEAN. Clean up after yourself and leave the area better than you found it. Dispose of all waste (dog and human litter) in a garbage bag and take it with you. Don't toss waste into the woods.

PLAN AHEAD. Know the trails, conditions, road crossings, traffic and other hazards before you leave. Try to avoid high traffic hours whenever possible.

Use proper snowmobile hand signals when meeting others on the trail. If running in a group of two or more and you encounter oncoming traffic, it is standard practice for the first person in the group to hold up "X" number of fingers indicating how many additional teams, vehicles, etc. are coming behind. This is repeated by each member of the group. The last in the group would hold up a closed fist.

Do not present a hazard to yourself or others. Wear reflective and/or highly visible clothing. Have proper lighting if running at night. If you must stop on the trail, pull off to the side and try to stop in an area where you can be seen. Avoid corners.

Always keep your dog(s) under control.

Promote your sport. Take time to answer questions if asked.

Copyright 2018, NH Mushers Association