What we have done and what we are doing:

In response to the increasing pressure for trail usage the NHMA was formed to insure that the trails we use are kept open to us.

Here is what we have done or are doing for you.

  1. We worked to keep the trails that you take for granted as your training trails, open to all mushers.
  2. We worked to increase awareness through our brochures.
  3. We worked to increase a better relationship with other trail users:
    • Equestrians:
      • We educated our mushers regarding controlling their teams around horses.
      • We have had dialog with many equestrians regarding sled dogs and horses on the same trail.
    • Snowmobile Clubs:
      • Worked with clubs on trail projects.
      • Gave awards to clubs that help keep trails open to mushers.
      • Educated our club members about sled dogs and snowmobiles.
      • Created a close dialog with clubs to take care of problems before they become a real problem.
      • Let snowmobile clubs know that we were educating our members about trail usage.
      • Conducted training and education sessions with clubs for new members.
  4. We are working to get the NH legislation to recognize Mushers as official trail users:
    • This would give us coverage under the state insurance policy.
    • This would help to keep the trails open.
    • This would recognize mushers as an official trail user, thus getting us out of the “other users” category.
    • This would allow us to train with any type of rig as long as it is not over 50 in width and in any season.
    • This would be the first step in receiving assurance that we can train on federal land snowmobile trails with any type of rig.
  5. We have started a web site.
    • Only musher website that has trail conditions listed for mushers.
    • Only musher website that has a code of ethics.
    • Only musher website that has trail safety guidelines.
    • Only musher website that has an incident reporting system so we can react to problems before we lose a trail.
  6. After almost losing the Hill Village trails, we have worked hard to keep them open by:
    • Developing a good working relationship with the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE).
    • Working to educate Mushers about the rules the ACOE’s rules and concerns.
    • Receiving permission to train with our ATV on dirt as long as the dogs are attached to the ATV.
    • Having an ongoing dialog with the ACOE to get more ATV usage for snow conditions.
  7. We have received permission from the state to train with ATV’s on some state trails and parks, as long as the ATV has a NHMA sticker attached. We are working with the state for more ATV training trail access.
  8. We, NHMA, are being copied by other state Mushers Clubs trying to keep their trails open to all Mushers.
  9. We are working to get an official position on the states new trail system organizing committee in Berlin.
  10. We are working to get a financial impact statement to present to the state to insure our position as trail users.
  11. We are the first mushing association to pull together different musher disciplines to work for the common good.

And the final question is.... Why should I become a member?

If the preceding items were not enough --- just think what would I do if I lost my trailing trails?

The pressure is on from all trail user groups for more trail access. The fact is what matters to the state are either the financial impact each user group has on the state, the number of members or both.

We have been getting about 90 members annually. We estimate that there are at least 180 known mushers in the state and believe that the number of unknown mushers could be twice that. Although this number may seem small we can assure you it will have an impact. So please join the New Hampshire Mushers and help us achieve our goal of totally open trails.

Become a member of NHMA and help join the effort to keep our trails open to dog mushing and safe for our teams!

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