Trail Info

Trail Name:  Northern Rail Trail - Lebanon to Danbury

Town:  Lebanon

County:  Grafton

Trail Type:   Railbed, Main Snowmobile Corridor

Motorized Training Vehicle Permissable?:   No

General Terrain:  Flat

Round Trip Mileage:  Entire trail system is 46 miles one way

Recommended Maximum Team Size:  Any

Seasonal Usage:  All Seasons

Other Trail Usage (besides dogsledding):

Snowmobile Club:  Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club

Trail Map Link:  http://www.nhmushersassoc.org/trails/maps/NRT-Lebanon.jpg


Directions to Trailhead:

Parking Instructions:

General Description, Safety Concerns, or other notes:
The trail is usually very well groomed by the Andover and Cardigan Mtn Snowmobile clubs. Mostly flat with great visibility but this also means that the snowmobilers like to drive fast here.

There is a significant road crossing in Danbury at the parking area but visibility is very good. The Lebanon end of the trail has quite a few road crossings but none are main, high speed roads. However, visibility is not always great so use caution.

In addition, there are places where local folks walk their dogs daily in both fall and winter. Watch for them just north and south of the Grafton Store. Also pretty much anywhere along the Lebanon end of the trail. PLEASE use caution and always have your team under control.

Trail Conditions History
Date posted Conditions Posted By
01-03-2016 Snow 3-6 Jaye
01-11-2014 Flooded in Parts, Very Icy Anastasia Seyer
01-05-2014 Snow 6-12 Rico
01-02-2014 Snow 3-6 Christine
12-26-2013 Very Icy, Snow 1-3 Christine Richardson
02-04-2013 Dry, Somewhat Icy, Very Icy Anastasia Seyer

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