The use of Musher is to be defined as “any person engaging in a dog powered sport, be it with a scooter, kick sled, cross country skis, dog sled, motorized training rig, etc.”

NH Mushers Association is an organization dedicated to maintaining and promoting safe and responsible trail usage for all dog powered sports and activities.

NH Statewide Trails Advisory Committee is aware of the potential for dangers of snowmobiles and dogsleds sharing the same trails all over the state. The committee strongly encourages us to unify, educate and protect ourselves on and off the trails. The NHMA enables us to have a group to voice our concerns, disseminate information to all types of trail users, to educate ourselves, and protect our present privileges.

Everyone is important to this cause. Recreational skijorers and weekend mushers are just as important as professional racers. We all need the support of the NH Statewide Trails Advisory Committee and the use of these trails to pursue a sport we all love.

Please join us in our efforts to make our trails safer for ourselves and our dogs!


The hb1389 which as part D states, dogs cannot be out for more than 15 minutes when the temps. are 32° or below, is just one of the many items in this bill that will hurt us. It will come before the environment & agriculture committee in January. I am asking all mushers and dog owners to contact their reps and tell them to vote against this bill. Even better contact the committee members and tell them to vote no.

They can be found by going to www.gencourt.state.nh.us/ and looking up the committee. This bill can also be found through the same web site. I ask you all to read it, you will realize how bad it is for everyone.

I will try to update you as to when the hearing is and hope you can all make it.

Tom DiMaggio

President NHMA

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