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Trail Name Town Conditions Notes Posted on
Auburn - Little Massabessic Auburn no conditions reported

Bear Brook no conditions reported

Bear Notch Road Albany/Bartlett no conditions reported

Blackwater Dam Webster no conditions reported

Clough State Park Weare no conditions reported

Danbury Rail Trail Danbury no conditions reported

Green Woodlands Lyme no conditions reported

Northern Rail Trail - Danbury to Potter Place Danbury no conditions reported

Northern Rail Trail - Lebanon to Danbury Lebanon no conditions reported

Northern Rail Trail - Potter Place to Webster Lake Andover no conditions reported

Presidential Rail Trail no conditions reported

Profile Falls Hill Trail closed or unusable Unfortunately the season ended on a sour note. ACOE received complaints that Mushers were arriving and running dogs prior to 8:00 am. This is so disappointing because this has been a simple, long term rule that is clearly posted at each end of the main trail. If this continues to occur we WILL lose access to these trails permanently in the fall and winter. If you cannot respect the rules and your fellow Mushers then stay home. If anyone sees this happening next season, please report it to NHMA or the ACOE. One selfish Musher will ruin it for all of us. The ACOE have been more than patient working with us but they can only do so much when rules continue be broken by selfish Mushers. CURRENTLY ALL TRAILS ARE CLOSED TO RUNNING DOGS UNTI NOVEMBER 1, 2019. 03-22-2019
by Scott Isabelle

Sandwich Notch Road Sandwich no conditions reported

Tower Hill Candia no conditions reported

Warren Rail Trail Warren no conditions reported

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