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Danbury Rail Trail Danbury no conditions reported

Green Woodlands Lyme no conditions reported

Northern Rail Trail - Lebanon to Danbury Lebanon no conditions reported

Profile Falls Hill Trail closed or unusable I took my dog, Kikkan, out to CaniX. For perspective, we started in the Franklin end, ran through Hill Village to Mile Marker 4. The road to the parking lot and the parking lot has been plowed. However, the gate is CLOSED and LOCKED. As a consequence, the chute from the Franklin parking lot to the turnaround is not groomed. There is a tree halfway down that is 10 feet in length and about 2-3 inches in diameter. It'll have to be moved or hacked away. The trail itself has seen the groomer. There is a 1/2 to 1 inch layer of snow adhering to the ice. However, the cold and the grooming has created a trail that absolutely feels like running on concrete. The sun light hits the snow and reveals a icy gloss or glaze on top. There were points on the trail where I was punching through the snow/ice on the trail as well. The trail through Hill Village was chewed up on one side by a snow machine while the other side was still flat from when the groomer came through. No trails have been cut off of the mail drag through Hill Village nor is there any indication of snowmobilers playing around in there. Where the sunlight hits the trails, it softens up and was actually tough running for me. You cannot set a hook on the trail and you'd be hit or miss setting a hook off the side of the trail. Kikkan's paws are fine. When I got into my first mile and was assessing the trail, I was originally thinking that you could train your dogs with booties and an ATV, but, the more I ran and examined the trail, the more harder the surface became. Absent a snow storm, warmer weather and another visit by the groomer would make conditions better. 01-11-2019
by Bill Boyd

Sandwich Notch Road Sandwich no conditions reported

Warren Rail Trail Warren no conditions reported

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