Trail Info

Trail Name:  Auburn - Little Massabessic

Town:  Auburn

County:  Rockingham

Trail Type:   Wooded, Wide Trails, Dirt Road

Motorized Training Vehicle Permissable?:   No

General Terrain:  

Round Trip Mileage:  1, 2 & 3 mile loops

Recommended Maximum Team Size:  any from 1 dog to open

Seasonal Usage:  All Seasons

Other Trail Usage (besides dogsledding):
Cross Country Skiers
People Walking Dogs

Snowmobile Club:  Southern New Hampshire Snow Slickers

Trail Map Link:  http://www.nhmushersassoc.org/trails/maps/Auburn.jpg


Directions to Trailhead:
On Depot Rd in Auburn
Take exit 2 off 101,
Right at off ramp
2nd left, parking on edge of field or across the street in sand lot
This is private property so please clean up and use good trail edict.

Parking Instructions:

General Description, Safety Concerns, or other notes:

Trail Conditions History
Date posted Conditions Posted By
01-13-2018 Slightly Muddy, Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
12-28-2017 Snow 3-6 Tom DiMaggio
12-18-2017 Snow 1-3 Tom DiMaggio
11-13-2017 Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
02-24-2017 Slightly Muddy, Flooded in Parts Tom DiMaggio
02-05-2017 Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
01-27-2017 Dry, Somewhat Icy Tom Dimaggio
01-12-2017 Trail closed or unusable Tom Dimaggio
01-09-2017 Snow 1-3 tom DiMaggio
01-03-2017 Small Patchs of Ice, Snow 1-3, Trail closed or unusable Tom Dimaggio
01-02-2017 Small Patchs of Ice, Snow 3-6 Tom DiMaggio
12-18-2016 Flooded in Parts, Snow 1-3 Tom DiMaggio
02-18-2016 Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
01-22-2016 Very Icy, Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
01-21-2016 Somewhat Icy, Dusting of Snow Jim DiMaggio
01-16-2016 Snow 1-3, Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
01-08-2016 Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
01-03-2016 Somewhat Icy Tom DiMaggio
12-30-2015 Snow 3-6 Tom DiMaggio
01-05-2015 Snow 1-3 Tom DiMaggio
12-10-2014 Flooded in Parts thomas dimaggio
12-07-2014 Somewhat Icy Tom DiMaggio
11-29-2014 Snow 3-6, Trail closed or unusable Michele boyd
02-24-2014 Small Patchs of Ice Tom DiMaggio
02-10-2014 Snow 6-12 Tom DiMaggio
02-03-2014 Dusting of Snow Tom DiMaggio
01-28-2014 Snow 3-6 Tom DiMaggio
01-19-2014 Somewhat Icy, Snow 1-3 Michele boyd
01-09-2014 Very Icy Tom DiMaggio
12-26-2013 Very Icy Tom DiMaggio
02-01-2013 Somewhat Icy, Trail closed or unusable Thomas DiMaggio
01-29-2013 Snow 3-6 Thomas DiMaggio
01-23-2013 Dusting of Snow Tom DiMAggio
01-15-2013 Somewhat Icy, Dusting of Snow, Snow 1-3 Michele Boyd
12-30-2012 Snow 6-12 M. Boyd
03-04-2012 Trail closed or unusable tom Dimaggio
02-26-2012 Dry, Small Patchs of Ice tom Dimaggio
01-28-2012 Somewhat Icy Thomas DiMaggio
01-23-2012 Snow 1-3 Thomas DiMaggio
01-15-2012 Snow 1-3 Thomas DiMaggio
03-04-2011 Snow 6-12 Tom DiMaggio
02-15-2011 Somewhat Icy Tom DiMaggio
01-20-2011 Snow 6-12 pam
01-13-2011 Snow 6-12 pam
01-09-2011 Somewhat Icy, Very Icy, Dusting of Snow Pam
01-03-2011 Slightly Muddy, Snow 1-3 Tom DiMaggio
12-07-2010 Dry Tom DiMaggio

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