Trail Info

Trail Name:  Bear Brook


County:  Belknap

Trail Type:  

Motorized Training Vehicle Permissable?:   Yes with NHMA Sticker

General Terrain:  

Round Trip Mileage:  7.4 miles

Recommended Maximum Team Size:  all sizes

Seasonal Usage:  All Seasons

Other Trail Usage (besides dogsledding):
Cross Country Skiers
People Walking Dogs

Snowmobile Club:  

Trail Map Link:  http://www.nhmushersassoc.org/trails/maps/BearBrook.jpg

ATV usage in winter only

Directions to Trailhead:

Parking Instructions:
parking in the Xcountry Ski parking lot

General Description, Safety Concerns, or other notes:

Trail Conditions History
Date posted Conditions Posted By
12-09-2018 Very Icy Tom DiMaggio
01-14-2018 Very Icy Scott Isabelle
01-14-2018 Update
01-09-2018 Scott Isabelle
12-24-2017 Very Icy, Snow 1-3 Scott Isabelle
01-15-2017 Scott Isabelle
01-14-2017 Very Icy Scott Isabelle
01-07-2017 Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
12-20-2016 Very Icy Tom DiMaggio
02-23-2016 Trail closed or unusable Scott Isabelle
01-08-2016 Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
12-30-2015 Snow 3-6 Tom DiMaggio
01-05-2015 Snow 1-3 Tom DiMaggio
12-07-2014 Trail closed or unusable Tom DiMaggio
11-29-2014 Snow 3-6, Trail closed or unusable Michele boyd
02-10-2014 Snow 3-6 Tom DiMaggio
01-28-2014 Snow 1-3 Tom DiMaggio
02-01-2013 Somewhat Icy Tom DiMaggio
01-23-2013 Dusting of Snow Tom DiMaggio
01-11-2013 Snow 3-6 Tom DFimaggio
01-28-2012 Somewhat Icy tom Dimaggio
02-22-2011 Small Patchs of Ice, Somewhat Icy, Snow 3-6 Gail Guertin
02-13-2011 Snow 2 feet + Gail Guertin
01-24-2011 Snow 6-12 Tom DiMaggio
01-05-2011 Trail closed or unusable Scott Isabelle
01-05-2011 Slightly Muddy, Somewhat Icy, Dusting of Snow S Isabelle
01-02-2011 Slightly Muddy, Snow 1-3 Tom DiMaggio

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