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Scott Isabelle
Dec 21, 17 - 2:23 PM
HILL / PROFILE FALLS now closed to ATV training for the season.

Now that the gates are open and grooming has begun ATV use for dog training is closed for the season (Closed until November 1, 2018)

Parking is available at both the Franklin and Profile end on the trail.

Please do not block the open gates when parking your dog trucks. The trail must be clear for unobstructed access by other dog teams, snowmobiles and other trail users. Please do not park inI front of the open gate.

Noise is still an issue. If you are running multiple teams, please do not leave dogs unattended in the truck while you are on the trail if they are loud or barkers. This is the #1 complaint received be the ACOE. If you see this occurring while the Musher is out on the trail, please bring it to the attention of the Musher when they return. If this is observed by the ACOE while they are patrolling the area, you may be cited.

Scott Isabelle
Dec 21, 17 - 7:15 PM
Re: HILL / PROFILE FALLS now closed to ATV training for the season.

Just a reminder that there is no training of dogs allowed on any trails at Hill / Profile Falls during holidays. Please stay off trails on 12/24,12/25 and 1/1. Thank you.

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