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Scott Isabelle
Nov 30, 17 - 2:17 AM

Wanted to respond to a recent question regarding NHMA sticker requirements at Hill Village. NHMA stickers are only required when you are using an ATV. If you are using a wheeled cart or sled, you are not required to have a NHMA sticker.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on ACOE trails. The only exception to this rule is ATV's being pulled by sled dog teams. As part of this exception, the ACOE has required NHMA to keep a list of mushers using ATV's for training and requiring them to post a membership sticker on their ATV and dog truck.

Because sleds and wheeled carts/rigs are not motorized, they are not seen as special exempt user like ATV's.

The other rules such as training times, parking etc do apply to all users.

I hope this clarifies the recent questions regarding NHMA stickers.

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