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Scott Isabelle
Nov 20, 17 - 4:08 AM
PROFILE FALLS - Parking Reminder

Just a reminder that now that Hill Village is open for training, the parking location at the Bristol (Profile Falls) end has been relocated. The ACOE has requested that we no longer park in the parking lot by the gate or in the picnic area.

Parking is now located in the first dirt parking lot on the left before you cross the bridge leading into Profile Falls. This will require you to run teams down the paved roadway for a short section in order to get to the trail gates.

If you have concerns about parking here then you may want to park at the Franklin end of the trail where you can park and hook your team up to the trail gate.

Also, you must have posted on your truck a current 2017-2018 NHMA sticker and your ATV must have a current NHMA sticker and NH ATV registration in order to be allowed to use these trails.

Scott Isabelle
Nov 20, 17 - 4:21 AM
Re: PROFILE FALLS - Parking Reminder

Also, please do not arrive at the parking area with dogs before 8:00 am.

When you are running teams, please do not leave dogs unattended in your dog truck. This has been the major complaint expressed by neighbors in the area. They understand that dogs will bark during hook-up. What they say is annoying is dogs barking for long periods of time in the dog trucks when the mushers are out on the trail. The ACOE Title 36 Rules and Regulations 327.11 addresses barking and loose dogs. "No person shall allow animals to bark or emit other noise which unreasonably disturbs other people."

We are VERY close to losing these trails. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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