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Adam in Lebanon
Jun 21, 17 - 2:59 AM
canicross help

Hello all,
I am writing to learn if anyone has experience with canicross. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and I am trying to teach him to pull in the harness. He is 19 months old and we have worked so hard on loose leash walking and healing and now have decided to try out canicross.

I have not tried left and right, just "line out", staying while lined out, and "let's go", which he knows from our regular runs.

We do not have other dogs so my wife will go in front of our dog and entice him with some treats and that seems to get him pulling a bit, but if she is not out in front and I try "let's go" which he knows means start moving when on a heeled jog, he comes back to my side instead of pulling.

We would love to teach him to run out in front in the harness and keep it fun for him. I figure this might be a good place to look for tips or even someone who can help show us the ropes.

Thank you so much,

Tom DiMaggio
Aug 12, 17 - 1:40 PM
Re: canicross help

If you have not had anyone answer you yet then e-mail me at "anuskaknnls@yahoo.com"

Bill Boyd
Jan 2, 18 - 7:28 AM
Re: canicross help

Adam: Please feel free to email me or call me at 603/660-6077. I'm happy to assist you and your Rhody!! Bill

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